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Encrypting Everything Really Really Fast, 12 Billion Transactions per Day, at Less Cost !

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Many of us don’t think of it every day but the IBM Mainframe actually supports:

  • 87 percent of all credit card transactions and nearly $8 trillion payments a year.
  • 29 billion ATM transactions each year, worth nearly $5 billion per day.
  • Four billion passenger flights each year.
  • More than 30 billion transactions per day – more than the number of Google searches every day.
  • 68 percent of the world’s production workloads at only six percent of the total IT cost.

And now it’s here. The new IBM Z !!!

With the new z14, IBM takes TRUST to a new level by adding the ability to pervasively encrypt data on the platform. IBM Z pervasive encryption is a data-centric approach to information security — a transparent and consumable approach to enable extensive encryption of data in-flight and at-rest to substantially simplify and reduce the costs of protecting data and achieving compliance mandates.

With the z14 and pervasive encryption, organizations can:

· Encrypt all of the data associated with an application or database on IBM Z, whether at-rest or in-flight.
· Reduce the cost and complexity associated with implementing and maintaining encryption since no changes to the applications themselves are required.
· Protect data without impacting transactional throughput or SLAs.
· Transition from un-encrypted to encrypted databases without disrupting business operations (DB2 and IMS high availability databases).
· Drastically simplify compliance by quickly demonstrating to auditors that all data is protected.

This awesome new system can support > 12 billion encrypted transactions per day on a single system ! It can also encrypt data 18x faster at 5% of the cost of x86-based solutions [1].

IBM Z has been a leader in security with hardened capabilities architected into the hardware, OS and middleware for more than five decades.

Contact the IBM Systems Client Centers for more information or assistance.


(1) Source: “Pervasive Encryption: A New Paradigm for Protection,” K. R. E. Lind, Chief Systems Engineer, Solitaire Interglobal Ltd., June 30, 2017.

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