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What’s In Your Bag?

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With summer just beginning in this part of the world, vacations are on everyone’s mind. And for me, that means hiking.

I actually have a list of everything that should go into my hiking knapsack. It’s written on a scrap of an old envelope and was first used prior to my going up Mount Washington. Here’s what’s on it:

  1. The Electronics: compass, map, phone, headlamp
  2. The Emergency Food: trail mix and granola bars, extra water
  3. The Moleskin: for my big right toe
  4. The Defense: bear spray and pocket knife
  5. The Sweater: my old gray cashmere with the big holes
  6. The Support: my hiking poles
  7. Just In Case: bug net, bandages, extra wool socks, hat, gloves, rain pants and long underwear
  8. If I Get in Trouble: whistle and waterproof matches
  9. The Drug of Choice: Motrin — for my back
  10. May be needed at the end: After Bite and the hot tub

Without these, I’d be lost. Literally. Maybe even worse.

And I was reminded the other day that the same type of preparation I use for my hiking trips is imperative when preparing my laptop bag for a business meeting.

And I realized that in the end I bring pretty much the same stuff.

  1. The Electronics: chargers, pointers, batteries
  2. The Emergency Food: cereal bars and pretzels, in case they don’t feed you
  3. The Moleskin: calendar that is – to schedule the next meeting
  4. The Defense: quick wit and verbal barbs
  5. The Sweater: my nice black cashmere, for when the air conditioning blows
  6. The Support: list of other subject matter experts
  7. Just In Case: the cheat sheet with the latest POWER8 news, the titles of who will be at the meeting, and the fun-to-read magazine because you never know when you are going to have to wait
  8. If I Get in Trouble: AAA or American Express Travel
  9. The Drug of Choice: Motrin — for my head
  10. May be needed at the end: drink in the hot tub


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June 25, 2015 at 4:00 pm

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