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My Washing Machine and 5 Myths on Cloud

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It was finally time. My clothes washer had been shaking for months. I actually resorted to running everything on Delicate. Tried to fix it. Put rubber pads under it. And then it finally danced off across the floor. And stopped.

Like many appliances, when you look at new washers there are so many things to compare. Front loader vs. top loader? Regular vs. High Efficiency? Agitator or not?

Of course I went to social media to get the 411. And what I found is that many consumers love a certain brand or model. Or hate it. And there is altogether too much customer sentiment on minor features that you may not even care about. Like lid locks.

Lid locks keep you from opening the washer easily to add more clothes. Something I never do. And something I really don’t care about. But it seems that some people really care an awful lot about lid locks. The point is – should I make my decision based solely on this narrow view?

And that’s what I have been seeing lately on Cloud. Like taking a narrow view of infrastructure platforms. Like limiting cloud scope to virtual public cloud only. Like forgetting that Cloud should be tactical and strategic, where performance, security, and compliance are key.

Here are 5 myths I’ve seen:

  • Cloud means only infrastructure. FALSE. Don’t forget software and business applications via the Cloud, a whole Marketplace.
  • Cloud means only public cloud. FALSE.  As we know, public cloud is a great enabler but on-premise private platforms are imperative for critical business systems of record.
  • Cloud means x86. Or AWS. Or Azure. Or . . . FALSE. Higher-end systems such as Power Systems and System z are of course leaders in private on-premise cloud. Power is also an outstanding choice on the public side, via SoftLayer or Cloud Managed Services.
  • Cloud means cheap public virtualized cloud. FALSE. Do the math. Some public cloud options can initially look inexpensive – but watch the hidden costs. Check out what it costs to actually access or move data. You may be surprised by the TCO you calculate.
  • Cloud means good for everything. FALSE. Match your workloads to the best technologies. Public cloud is not right for everything. Private cloud is not right for everything. Cloud is not even right for everything.

Make sure to focus on the full scope of cloud infrastructure platforms, the numerous choices offered, and the full suite of IBM’s cloud portfolio, on-premise and off-premise.

In the end, my new washing machine had a lid lock. But only because it happened to come with one.


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April 2, 2015 at 4:19 pm

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