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Would You Let Amazon Mow Your Lawn?

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I mow my own lawn. Yet I have a service that plows my driveway when it snows. And that’s basically all you need to know when you think about cloud.

Many of us have already embraced the advantages of running workloads in a cloud environment — things that matter like efficiency, flexibility, manageability, and cost effectiveness. But now the question is — What do I need to think about in the private on-premise vs. public off-premise vs. everything-in-between cloud decision?

Here are three key indicators:

  • Security – Many cloud enabled systems will thrive in a public environment. But there are certain workloads that you really may want to keep on-premise – like Financials, as an example. Only you know how to handle the mower around that priceless Yoshino cherry tree.
  • Performance – For extreme performance, especially with critical peaks, you may really want to tune on-premise or have the ability to tune in a dedicated environment. When there’s a blizzard, the snowplow service just doesn’t do it fast enough. And I end up out there with my shovel anyway.
  • Cost – Make sure when you map out your total cost of ownership you count in everything. For example, some public cloud vendors initially look very cheap when you are putting data into their cloud — but transferring or moving data out is another extremely expensive story. The acquisition of a mower may initially look expensive but pay off in just a short time. On the other hand, all it takes is one sore back to change that equation.

The goal really is to get the best of all worlds for your applications. Sometimes the answer isn’t simple. That’s where IBM can really help as the hybrid IT leader. IBM on-prem private clouds backed by technology that you know and love like POWER8, the recently announced z13, and the brand new IBM Spectrum Storage are awesome. But IBM also provides public off premise environment options with SoftLayer and IBM Cloud Managed Services that clearly demonstrate both on-premise and off-premise advantages.

Merge the best of all worlds in a hybrid environment. I know for me that means taking the mower out on a beautiful warm sunny day, getting the yard to look exactly like I want it, and then when it’s done having a cold one next to the hot dogs on the grill.

And let the other guys move all that white stuff.


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February 19, 2015 at 11:33 am

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