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Go Fish: Why POWER8 May Just Be Perfect for Your Cloud

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Last weekend I spent cleaning out our fish pond. 5 years of sediment and dirt at the bottom, a monumental chore. But the most exciting part involved catching the goldfish and placing them in a temporary home (aka the kiddie pool the dog uses).

I thought it would be easy — but it was truly amazing how fast these fish swam. Eventually you were able to catch those beautiful slippery goldfish in your hands. And finally feel that you had a handle on the job.

I think that’s how many of us were thinking about Cloud in the past. Getting our hands around this slippery beast — needing to see real products and applications.

Of course we all know how awesome Power Systems are for performance and other non-functional requirements such as RAS and security. Well let’s see this extension of leadership in the cloud arena.

Power Systems servers are indeed architected to achieve maximum performance and efficiency for both the system and its virtual machines. Intelligent workload based resource allocation with dynamic processor thread switching and logical memory expansion deliver optimal performance for critical Cloud services.

Power Systems now have great alternatives for:

  • Public Cloud: An Open source Linux solution for scale-out clouds services with
    1) Flexibility, agility and interoperability with open source virtualization and cloud management
    2) Accelerated insights for big data and compute intensive Cloud services
  • Private Cloud: Pre-built, pre-installed entry cloud system for Enterprise and Scale Out clouds
    1) Get up and running with a private cloud — in just 1 day
    2) 0 common vulnerability exposures — that’s right, NONE
  • Hybrid Cloud: Next Generation with OpenAPIs
    1) Open alternative to proprietary cloud stacks
    2) Cross-platform support for x86, Power and System z
    3) Single pane of glass to monitor

So just as the fish are now happy and back in their crystal clear pond, we can be happy and choose our cloud alternatives with Power Systems – whether you like an open solution, the security of PowerVM on a choice of operating systems or a combination of the best of both worlds.


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