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Why IT Infrastructure Really Really Matters

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I went apple picking with the dog last weekend. The orchard was sodden with rain but the trees were heavy with beautiful fruit. I picked one, took a bite. My lab took many bites. The Melrose apple had beautiful red skin and lovely white fruit and was incredibly crisp.

But the taste was not so sweet. And certainly not as sweet as previous years. I later heard that this year, because of various aspects of the infrastructure (like temperature and rainfall in this case), none of the types of apples have been as sweet.

Infrastructure matters.

When we talk about things that really matter to us in our business – like availability of our systems, security of our business, performance of our applications – ultimately we are talking about satisfaction of our most important entity, our customers.


What drives these nonfunctional requirements of our business ends up being our underlying infrastructure. So in the end, our IT infrastructure plays a critical role in our success.

Just like the proliferation of pumpkins lately, IBM has a slew of awesome announcements today that address this critical IT infrastructure. Power Systems and Smarter Storage, as well as PureSystems and other IBM technologies, bring together industry leading capabilities for the best enterprise-class infrastructure with virtualization and cloud technology including:

  • Enterprise-class systems: Leadership performance, resilience and resource sharing
  • Enterprise-class Virtualization and Cloud Management
  • Flexible, efficient workload deployment with Elastic Capacity on Demand (COD) and Power Integrated Facility for Linux (IFLs)
  • Power Enterprise Pool with Mobile COD delivers unprecedented availability, security, flexibility
  • Big Data and analytics focus: IBM BLU Acceleration Solution – Power Systems Edition.
  • Cloud storage and Storwize offerings for efficiency and value.


Infrastructure was never so sweet.


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October 8, 2013 at 12:05 pm

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