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HP Hamming It Up

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It was a cold and snowy day last January when I pulled into the parking lot in Streetsboro, Ohio. I was really pleased to be having lunch unexpectedly with two family members. I was not so pleased with the place we were going to have lunch — what I thought was a “fast food” joint that only served ham.

But oh how different from my expectations — incredibly nice staff, a wonderful place to sit, and the choice of exactly what you wanted on your sandwich — all of which made for an awesome lunch.

So I was excited this morning to see this same organization highlighted in a new press release from HP. Storage upgrades were discussed, along with claims of an amazing performance boost. Seasonal demands for ham would now be able to be addressed.

The problem of course is not with the ham but with the claims and the lack of data:

  • Was the bottleneck actually with the batch window for sales data?
  • Was it only during peak time of the holiday period?
  • Did the upgrade really also reduce transaction processing times?
  • What were the before and after results?
  • The data center refresh also included networking and servers. How were these claims attributed to the storage?
  • How would any improvements compare with other vendor products? How do the Storage Performance Council (SPC) industry standard results stack up?


Unfortunately the one footnote merely states “Based on customer results.”

But the most important question of course is will I get my ham sandwich much much faster next time ?


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