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Oracle, Blowin’ in the Wind

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Oracle announced this morning the general availability of the Oracle Database Appliance X3-2. It now supports virtualization.

Hmmm, not exactly groundbreaking dare I say.

Along with this Oracle announcement were many claims of bigger and better — than a previous version.
With no real data and no real comparisons. And all I could think of was a Saturday morning a couple of months ago.

You see, I was in an industrial supply store this one Saturday morning (the things we do for love). Looking at, of all things, leaf blowers.

  • Some models of these new leaf blowers claimed to blow harder that others. Surely harder than the old broken one at home. Which never really blew all that well. In fact, I probably ended up using my beloved rake more than that big hunk of plastic.
  • These new leaf blowers claimed to be bigger and better. That meant that they actually weighed a ton more and had to be converted from a hand held model to a huge backpack. Ghostbuster time. And you needed earplugs.
  • They let you try it out in the store. But instead of heavy wet leaves, they had you blow strips of paper.
  • The advertised pricing did not include the expensive oil that you needed for it — without that specific oil, the machine would die.

So it comes down to the fact that claims are similar all over. But does the appliance finish the job fast, reliably, and at the right total price — so that you can get to what you really want to be doing.


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