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Thinking About Tape

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I was doing errands this weekend when I turned on my car radio. American Top 40. A special on the top 40 from all of the 70’s.

So there I was singing to Simon and Garfunkel – It’s not corny because my mom went to school with Art. Knocking with Tony Orlando and Dawn — those yellow ribbons really became historical icons. Even getting into Debby Boone’s “You Light Up My Life” — so sweet it made your teeth ache — which somehow made it to #1.

And all I could think of at that moment was tape. Eight-track tapes. And my big black box with the fake leather, cool snap, and plastic handle that I used to lovingly transport my eight-tracks every time I needed to take them somewhere.

Later in life, I also carried tapes. Big heavy tapes, holding the lifeblood of a company, that needed to get from an organization’s operations center to Wall Street headquarters. Loaded down with them, all I could think of at that moment was tape too.

I got to thinking about tape again last week when I read that Oracle announced new midrange tape drives available for tape libraries. All sorts of claims were made. But when the talk is about efficiency, I really want to see some numbers and some data. But I saw nothing, nada — I was truly disappointed.

Whereas IBM has published a detailed white paper on LTO-6 vs. LTO-5 performance. This white paper describes the performance of the IBM® System Storage® LTO Ultrium 6 tape drive (LTO-6 tape drive) working on open systems environments. With a ton of real data, real tests, and benchmarks. And lots of great graphs highlighting all the excellent performance.

Reading it, once again, all I could think of at that moment was tape.


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January 15, 2013 at 11:58 am

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