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Cloud and Data and Security, Oh My

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Cloud Ready. Data Ready. Security Ready. With outstanding performance.

Important themes for the Smarter Computing announcements today.

The new offerings include:
1) the most powerful enterprise Power Systems to date, POWER7+ systems,
2) a new high-end disk storage system, the DS8870, and
3) key software for the IBM zEnterprise EC12.

These new technologies are designed to help organizations improve security, take advantage of cloud computing, and manage and analyze the vast amounts of big data in our world today.


(1) ) Storage Performance Council, “SPC Benchmark 2™ Full Disclosure Report IBM Corporation, IBM System Storage DS8870,” October 2012. Source: SPC Benchmark-1 and SPC Benchmark-2 are trademarks of the Storage Performance Council.

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October 3, 2012 at 12:16 am

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