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Notes from Oracle, Chapter 3 in the Series

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Once again, I received a marketing email from Oracle this morning. And once again, hoping that it contained exciting new data on the T5, I was sadly disappointed.

  • I can not fathom why they continue to address the email to a bizarre truncation of my first name. I continue to question my confidence in a company that specializes in data.
  • The note stated “According to our records, you have older SPARC systems.” I should really check in my garage. Again, ironic for a company that wants clients to use them for data and record keeping.
  • The email links to a new video. From April.
  • The video claims a humongous performance improvement with SPARC T4. When you watch the video, it’s actually merely a comparison from Oracle’s very own baby M3000s consolidated to T4’s. So I would definitely expect even more than humongous.

I’ve gotten some notes and tweets about how amusing these “Notes from Oracle” are. And we all could certainly use a laugh these days. So please, Mr. Oracle Business Development Manager, keep those cards and letters coming.


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September 6, 2012 at 12:13 pm

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