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Oracle’s Historical Fiction

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I love reading historical fiction. It’s somewhat like the real thing, but not quite. And definitely more exciting.

This morning I received another email from Oracle that reminded me of just that.

  • The note was once again addressed to “Elis”. I can not fathom why they continue to truncate my first name to only four letters. Doesn’t give me much confidence in a software company that specializes in data.
  • The note contained a quote from an unnamed “Infrastructure Architect” from an anonymous “Major Credit Card” company on Oracle/Sun benefits. I’m thinking that just maybe that architect didn’t really want to be known throughout history for that one.
  • The note stated “Our records show that you have older SPARC systems.” How funny, maybe they’re in my basement hidden behind the washing machine. Again, a data company that surely got that historical data wrong.
  • The note links to an independent report on customer perspectives. The report is from May. May 2011. A lifetime ago in the IT world.
  • The independent report is full of various quotes, all from anonymous people at anonymous companies.
  • This independent report is written by a company called ORC. Hmmm, have I seen those letters somewhere before?


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August 30, 2012 at 11:55 am

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