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IBM Cooks Up Another Awesome zEnterprise

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It had cooled off a bit where I live. And a friend was back from a long sojourn in the backcountry. Which meant it was time to make something wonderful and warm for dinner. I thought about all the options I had and then hit on one of the best. It was time to cook a tagine.

Tagines are slow-cooked stews braised at low temperatures, resulting in tender meat with aromatic vegetables and sauce. They are cooked in a special earthenware pot with a conical cover.

This time my tagine was composed of tender chicken with turmeric, garlic, onion. And artichokes and olives. And special preserved lemons that are made months in advance. Definitely a dish that takes skill and expertise and is a speciality of mine.

Which reminded me exactly of one of IBM’s specialities, undoubtedly a true forte. Whether you call it zseries, System z, zEnterprise, or just plain old mainframe.

IBM today announced the zEnterprise EC12. It’s the next generation of zEnterprise for hybrid computing with enhancements for scale, availability and security.

The zEnterprise EC12 has

  • improved processor and total system capacity performance
  • continued support of multi-platform design
  • z Architecture enhancement in support of new workloads
  • smarter monitoring and improved problem diagnosis

In terms of performance, the zEnterprise EC12 excels with

  • 5.5 GHz processors, the very fastest in the world
  • a 25% improvement in uni-processor performance over the z196 uni-processor
  • 50% more total system capacity (compared to a z196 H80)

Read the press release. Watch the video. Peruse the Redbooks. Study the Large Systems Performance Reference (LSPR) ratios.

And then figure out your own metier and change the world.


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