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You’ve Got Mail, Weird Mail from Oracle

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This morning I received an email from Oracle. Not surprising since I signed up to get some of their communications a few years ago. What surprised me is what the email contained.

  • First of all, the email was addressed to “Elis”. Now I have gone by many nicknames in my past, but never “Elis”. I can only guess that for some reason Oracle’s programs can not handle the 9 characters in my first name and truncate to 4. Doesn’t give me much confidence in a software company that specializes in data.
  • The second part of the email to catch my eye was the picture displayed in the center. Not a cool logo, not a detailed shot of the hardware, but a picture of Larry talking.
  • Finally, and here is the clincher, the email focused on an announcement of a new system. At first I got all excited, what could this one possibly be. And then I read the details. The announcement cited in the letter dated today was actually from back in September 2011, almost 1 full year ago. And I have to ask, is that the best you can do Oracle, is there not anything else more recent than almost a year ago worth having me look at?


After I read the note, I decided not to delete it because I enjoyed it so much. And I had to ask myself — Was this even a true communication from Oracle or someone spamming a little fun here?


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July 11, 2012 at 2:30 pm

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