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A Better Future — and Much Faster with IBM

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Is the future always better? Sometimes it’s not so clear.

Take reading. Now that everyone is reading on electronic devices, we complain about getting distracted by email and tweets. No wonder we’re not finishing Anna Karenina.

Take brushing teeth. I read this morning that kids these days are requiring oral surgery to fill numerous cavities — because they are now imbibing more juice drinks and parents are not making them brush their teeth because the kids don’t like brushing their teeth. Cry now or really cry later.

Take voting. Since moving to Ohio, I get hundreds of calls the day before Super Tuesday. Now they’re all automated so I can’t even hang up on anybody.

And sometimes our frustrations with the future should just be authored as a First World Problems meme.

Today there is something really exciting for our future. The new IBM System x and BladeCenter systems with Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 series processors were just announced.

And with them, there were many wonderful benchmarks, outstanding leadership proof points from IBM including OLTP (TPC-E), SAP SD Two-Tier Standard Application Benchmark, virtualization (SPECvirt_sc2010), Java (SPECjbb2005), energy efficiency (SPECpower_ssj2008) and high performance computing (SPEC CPU2006). A whole portfolio of diverse workloads.

Making Smarter Computing real.

And a much faster future.


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March 6, 2012 at 10:42 pm

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