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Performance in a Flash: New IBM XIV SSD Caching

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3 ways that caching can help performance:

  • Caching is a type of animal behavior where an animal will store food in times of surplus for times when food is less plentiful. The place where the food is stored is called a cache and it is hidden from competing individuals. Caching can be on a long-term basis – cached on a seasonal cycle, with food to be consumed months down the line. Think acorns and squirrels. Where I live, caching is what gets a squirrel through the long cold snowy winter. So you see, caching helps performance.
  • Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity, hiding and seeking containers, called “caches.” This “game of high-tech hide and seek” can involve toys and Tupperware. I helped an 8 year old find this treasure long before one relied on a GPS to tell you exactly where the cache was. The best part of this activity, in my opinion, was the extremely long walks on mid summer evenings, sometimes in gigantic mile-wide circles, to find what was hidden. I was never so fit. So you see, caching helps performance.
  • IBM has just announced XIV with SSD Caching. High capacity SSDs are used as secondary cache (400GB SSD device can be added to each module, 6TB of cache per rack, scales with the system – 6 to 15 SSD drives). No tuning necessary.

    And the very best part — nearly 3X IOPS increase for OLTP workloads. And other amazingly impressive performance feats.

    So you really see, caching helps performance.

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    1. can you provide a higher res image for the performance slide, cant read it.

    2. […] My colleague Elisabeth Stahl covers this from a performance angle in her blog post [Performance in a Flash: New IBM XIV SSD Caching]. […]

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