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Sunny Skies for SVC, Storwize

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Try wiping the smile off my face. The cross country skis are sitting in the corner, forlorn. I can actually grill hot dogs outside tonight. Forget any worries about global warming. It’s 60 degrees and sunny on the last day of January in Cleveland Ohio.

I power-walked two miles today. Instead of the measly quick turn around the block, hunched over so the icy particles don’t hit my face. Today, the woman in spandex who never smiles with her giant poodle actually said hello. The serious jogger actually stopped and remarked how it’s April in January. Try wiping the smile off my face.

Try wiping the smile off my face. IBM just published a new #1 Storage Performance Council SPC-1 benchmark result.(1) . . . Numero uno, top storage dog.
Using IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller V6.2 with IBM Storwize V7000 disk storage.
And powered by POWER7 IBM Power 770 systems.

SPC is the industry standard for storage benchmarks. SPC-1 consists of a workload designed to demonstrate the performance of a storage subsystem while performing the typical functions of business critical applications. Those applications are characterized by predominately random I/O operations and require both queries as well as update operations. Applications include OLTP and database operations.

Sunny skies, #1 SPC-1, SVC, Storwize. Try wiping the smile off my face.


(1) SPC-1 Reported Data, Tested Storage Product (TSP) Name: IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller v6.2 with IBM Storwize® V7000 disk storage, SPC-1 IOPS 520,043.99, SPC-1 Price-Performance $6.92/SPC-1 IOPS, Total ASU Capacity 97,581.657 GB, Data Protection Level Protected (Mirroring). Results as of 1/31/12. Source: SPC Benchmark-1 and SPC Benchmark-2 are trademarks of the Storage Performance Council.

The postings on this site solely reflect the personal views of the author and do not necessarily represent the views, positions, strategies or opinions of IBM or IBM management.

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