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Oracle Finally Sees the “Smarter” Light

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OK, I admit it. I took a break from watching benchmarks last night to watch the musical soap opera Glee on TV. But seriously, I really hardly ever watch it. And only when Idina Menzel is on.

In addition to the wonderfully corny mashups of songs by various artists such as Van Halen and Hall & Oates, Glee always has to impart a message. Be yourself. Do the right thing. Be careful of that crush on your math teacher.

Last night the message was to stay the high ground and don’t insult anyone. Be positive.

For many weeks now, Oracle has had a prominent advertisement published that among other things disses “Building planets” and the groundbreaking IBM concept of “Smarter Planet.” In reality Smarter Planet has proven to be absolutely innovative and terribly successful in the application of IT to advance systems and solve the world’s challenges. Whether they be transportation, energy, water, cities, healthcare, whatever.

The latest application is a smarter supercomputer that can do trivial things such as predicting the path of hurricanes, analyzing the ocean floor, and decoding gene sequences.

So I have to say that I was surprised this morning when I saw Oracle’s latest press release on CIOs and the future. The headline clearly touts the “Smarter Use of IT.”

I guess that someone in Oracle didn’t get the email. I can see it now: We know that making IT smarter for business applications is imperative and you may just be tempted to mention it. But please remember that we are currently insulting IBM’s use of it in our ad in the Wall Street Journal.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at pots calling the kettle black. What’s your mashup?


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