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Big Day, Big Data, Big Announcements

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This past weekend began with a movie late Friday night. Then on to a day at the beach and another day picking blueberries and paddling seven miles in a canoe on the river. It was hot and sunny every minute and all I can think is how blessed to live here and now with the opportunity to have this jam-packed weekend.

Lately, IBM has consolidated announcements into many on the same day — in a jam-packed extravaganza. And we are fortunate to have these announcements today brimming with excitement and new technologies.

When data around the world reaches 35 zettabytes by 2020, that’s big data. You need to efficiently process, analyze and store the massive and growing types and amounts of data you’re collecting. IBM has announced today new solutions that do just this.

The IBM XIV family, with Gen2 and Gen3, is proven, high-end disk storage, designed for growth with unmatched ease of use. New IBM XIV models incorporate serial attached SCSI (SAS) HDDs, increased cache and InfiniBand system internal connectivity. IBM XIV increases performance by up to 4x throughput over the previous generation to boost business intelligence processing as well as speeding up backup and archiving processes. Response time is increased by up to 3x in OLTP, database, and email applications.

And we’re not just talking legacy storage read and write raw performance here — but true application performance using tests in the lab that incorporate such diverse applications as SAS business analytics, Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, and Oracle data warehouses.

See the new ITG paper comparing XIV and EMC. See why tape is the new black. And of course, don’t miss all the awesome announcements including the IBM z114, with up to 18% performance improvement per core and up to 12% more capacity within the same energy footprint as a z10 BC — what a way to consolidate hundreds of distributed servers. And let’s not leave out the Power running Linux new benchmark results.

Jam-packed announcements, jam-packed weekend. Oh and I also made blueberry jam.


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July 12, 2011 at 8:15 am

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  1. The ITG Paper is already obsolete. The new VMAXe announced today changes the entire landscape.

    Nice try, though 😉

    the storage anarchist

    July 13, 2011 at 11:56 am

  2. […] Hands Clapping], and Anthony Vandewerdt's [Brief History of XIV], and Elisabeth Stahl's [Big Day, Big Data, Big Announcements] blog posts, or see the resources on the [XIV resources page]. Posted 07-15-2011 5:14 AM by […]

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