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It’s Better on TOP (500)

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Two weeks ago I climbed Old Rag. Old Rag is one of the most awesome mountains in the Shenandoah, only 70 miles from Washington DC and one of the few treeless tops in the park with an incredible 360 degree view. What did I learn from my climb?

  • When it’s 95 degrees, you really do need 2 liters of water per person.
  • Black flies have now migrated from Canada and New England to Virginia.
  • You definitely want to rub your suntan lotion in first, then put on the insect repellent.
  • If you take off your pack first, it’s amazing how much easier you can pull yourself through crevasses.
  • If you’re anything older than 19, you may need some help getting around boulders.
  • A “shelter” in the Shenandoah is not the same thing as a “hut” in the White Mountains. There is no drinking water and they don’t sell cookies.

So you may be thinking — this is a nice way to spend a vacation day? But despite all, there’s just something about being on top.

And today, the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers was released.

  • IBM has the most installed aggregate throughput with over 15,334 out of 58,876 Teraflops (26.0%).
  • IBM has had this lead for 24 lists in a row.
  • IBM has the most energy-efficient system.
  • IBM has the most systems with 213. HP had 154. Oracle had 12.

Oh, and one more thing. Besides the top of the mountain, there’s the beautiful mountain laurel blooming white and pink. And the cold stream you can soak your hot feet and insect bitten legs in at the bottom. And that’s when you really feel that you wouldn’t trade the top of Old Rag for anything. Except maybe another top.


Source: Results current as of 6/20/11.

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