Elisabeth Stahl on Benchmarking and IT Optimization

Performance and Capacity Implications for a Smarter Planet

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IBM uses the phrase “Smarter Planet” to describe its vision for the future, in which the world’s systems become increasingly instrumented, interconnected and infused with intelligence in order to better manage the environments in which we work, play and live.

Real examples of current and emerging technologies are starting to enable “smarter” solutions for vital domains such as energy, transportation, food production, conservation, finance and healthcare. For such an ambitious vision to become reality, there are many technical challenges to address, among them being how to manage performance and capacity for the supporting IT systems.

This new Redpaper discusses performance and capacity implications of these solutions. It examines the Smarter Planet vision, the characteristics of these solutions (including those that make performance and capacity management particularly challenging), examples of addressing performance and capacity in a number of recent Smarter IT projects, recommendations from what has been learned thus far, and discussions of what the future may hold for these solutions.


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June 13, 2011 at 3:42 pm

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