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Exadata Buckeye Brouhaha

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While IBM has been publishing detailed ads and press releases backed by meticulous industry standard benchmark results, it’s certainly not a given in the rest of the industry.

Yesterday, Oracle once again published a press release which claimed performance on their Exadata system.

Was this claim backed by industry standard data? No. Was this claim backed by a proof of concept? No. Was this claim backed by a white paper with data? No.

This claim was something that Oracle tells us was seen by one of their customers. With headquarters in Ohio. Land of the Wright Brothers and good Midwest values. Land of LeBron and Jimmy Dimora.

I can say this because I live in Ohio. And I love it but I still wouldn’t trust my neighbor further than a pig’s ear without any data.


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March 8, 2011 at 11:51 am

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