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XIV, Storwize, and Jane Eyre for 200

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Some books are so good that they make you forget what century you are living in. And who you are and what you do. You forget to make dinner. You forget to feed the dog.

This week I’ve been rereading one of my all time favorite novels — Jane Eyre. It is an amazing book for me because not only do I forget everything else but the emotional ups and downs of the passionate unconventional heroine are truly tremendous.

And that’s exactly how I felt last night watching Watson on Jeopardy!. Oh wow, the Yorktown IBM building looks so good. Oh great, Watson is doing so well. Oh no, Watson missed that one. Do I really want humans to lose?

As you saw last night, efficiency is important for Watson. And the same is true for today’s IBM storage announcements. Storage efficiency is the goal – store less, move data to the right place, get more from what’s on the floor. The announcements include ability to:

  • Speed deployment with IBM® Storwize® Rapid Application Storage solution
  • Compress data in real time and store up to 5 times more data on the same disk without performance degradation with IBM Real-Time Compression
  • Improve application performance with IBM XIV® Storage Systems support for VMware
  • Reduce risk with IBM FastBack for Storwize V7000, an IP-based solution for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Read here for all the exciting news about IBM systems announcements today.

    I’ve read that some viewers thought the IBM Jeopardy! challenge was wonderful, others thought it was more of an infomercial. But I think that everyone agrees that one of the most entertaining parts is when Watson gets it wrong. And you realize that even 90 POWER7 systems can miss a nuance. But then again, how many humans actually learn from their mistakes?


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